SeaScape Cup 2015

After three days of sailing on lake Garda, we can say that it was a great conclusion for 2015 sailing season – 50 sailors from 8 countries on 20 boats. We were lucky with perfect weather conditions – sunny warm days with 6-20 knots of wind, perfect for trying out different sailing formats – from windward-leeward courses, navigational races to speed challenges.

To conclude, we would like to thank to all our Seascape18 teams that joined SeascapeCup – 20 boats was our target and thank you for helping us achieve it. It was wonderful to see family teams, recreational sailors and active racers, all sailing on the same racing field.

Your Seascape media team, Andraž Mihelin and Marina Horvat were making sure that all of you receive live updates from the water – reports, photos and videos on


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