MonoCup Opener – New Teams surprising the fleet

9 teams from Slovenia and Croatia opened the Monocup Sailing season this weekend in Portorož. Two days of great sailing with light wind on Saturday and much nicer Sunday with up to 12 knots. In the first race last years overall winner SLO – 080 BLUE SARDINA took the win and showed everyone how it’s done…and they learned quickly. With SLO 083 – MASTODONT taking the second race by a big margin as the wind droped just at the finish line…

Day 1 Results:
Blue Sardina was leading with 3 points, SLO 083 and SLO 315 – LITTLE DEVIL were 2nd and 3rd on 5 points.

Second day started with light shifty Race 3 were no lead was safe…SLO 127 – GEKO was first at the leeward mark but the big shift just before the 2nd windward rounding shuffled the fleet. SLO 128 – LENČINA made the most of the big shift taking the win. Race 4 to Race 6 the wind picked up to 12 knots and new team SLO 315 – LITTLE DEVIL dominated taking 3 wins…but in the Race 4 they were DSQ after the protest from SLO 080. There was a tie for the first place on 11 points between SLO 315 and SLO 128 but last 2 wins decided the winner…

1. SLO 315 – LITTLE DEVIL with Blaž Kmetec at the helm, Jure Jerkovič on Jib and Robert Zajc on Mainsail.
2. SLO 128 – LENČINA – Jure Jerman, Vid Jeranko
3. SLO 080 – BLUE SARDINA – Dejan Presen, Denes Szilagyi

Enjoy the photos, check the results and 3D Tracking Replay!

Monocup Opener – Final Results

3D Tracking Replay:
Day 1 – Race 1, 2
Day 2 – Race 3, 4, 5, 6

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