Slovenian Open Champions are SLO 080 – Blue Sardina

Two amazing days of sailing with 18 teams on the water and all 8 scheduled races finished.

After Saturdays day 1 racing and the win in the opening race the leaders were SLO 178 – PJER with 7 points on 2nd and 3rd place tied on 8 points were SLO 316 – BULB (2 race wins) and SLO 080 – BLUE SARDINA II taking the win in the last race of the day.

Sunday start with the cloudy sky and the South wind direction was very unpredictable…SLO 080 took the win in 5th race and with the wind dropping the last boats hardly made the finishing line…but at least the Sun came out and 1 hour wait for the thermal breeze to kick in was everything but boring as a few teams decided to go swimming or talking tactics with each other. With this fresh West wind from 8 to 12 kts the races 6 and 7 belong to SLO 316 as they took the 2 points lead before the last race of the championship.

Before the last race 3 teams (SLO 316, SLO 080 and SLO 178) were still in a hunt for the overall win…SLO 080 on 2nd place with Dejan Presen as a match race specialist decide to attack the leaders already in the prestarting procedure…they managed to push them in the 2nd row at the start but the task was to get more than 3 boats between at the finishing line…as the race developed the tactics to cover there opponent payed off for SLO 080 as they finished on 2nd place, SLO 178 on 3rd place and SLO 316 on 8th. The win in the final race went to SLO 333 with Tit Plevnik at the Helm.

  1. SLO 080 BLUE SARDINA II – Dejan Presen, Denes Szilagyi
  2. SLO 178 PJER – Dušan Puh, Dušan Konrad
  3. SLO 316 BULB – Domen Mazalin, Aleksander Seifert

Final Results

Check out amazing photos by Jana Pines…

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