Porta Cup – Challenging weather conditions mastered best by BULB – SLO 316

Past weekend nine boats raced for Porta Cup in Izola. It was the sixth MonoCup regatta (out of seven) in the season.
Unsettled weather gave a lot of job to the race committee. At the end they managed to do seven races.

First day the current Monocup leader SLO 080 scored two wins and a second. Second place was held by SLO 106 and third by SLO 316 with 3 and 4 points behind.


Before the second day it seemed we would see another victory of Dejan Presen and his crew on SLO 080 Blue Sardina II. But 2nd  day brought tight racing in very shifty conditions. One win for each of the leading crews and a win for the newcomers with the first Serbian boat on Seascape regattas SRB 344 – PS Tech Racing.

With very mixed results at the end SLO 316 Bulb with Domen Mazalin and Aleksandert Seifert won the regatta with 13 points, followed tied on 14 points by SLO 080 Blue Sardina II (Dejan Presen, Denes Szilagyi, Miha Truden) and SLO 106 Corna (Marjan Gorec, Tamara Furlan, Marko Gardaševič).

SLO 127 Geko who are slowly getting better and better finally managed to do very good races for the whole weekend and were fourth, which is their best result.

Porta Cup – Results

With only one regatta to go the crew of SLO 080 is very close to defend the MonoCup Title currently on 8 points. Second is SLO 316 with 16 points followed by SLO 106 (19 points) and SLO 315 Little Devil (29 points).

MonoCup Sailing 2016 – Results after 6 races

Last event of the season is Seascape Cup on the lake Garda from 7th to 9th of October.

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