The colorful first day [UPDATED]

First regatta day of the first Seascape18 European Championship was sailed on a hot August day. It started as a lazy day and ended as one. We had to wait for the maestral (our sea breeze) at first – postponing the first race for about half an hour. Here we must apologise for the not working live tracking. Digital gremlins were not cooperating and the page showed only the error code. Nevertheless, the wind came and two races were sailed, third abandoned after it died completely. The result list shows what was evident on the water. There are no obvious winners in sight. The places change on the filed constantly. Someone who was first on the first mark can easily drop 10 or more places on the way to the next mark. It is always a surprise to see the order in which the boats are at the certain moment in time. But the most impressive thing is to see the sheer number of colourful gennakers popping out on the horizon. Thank you all for being here and sailing with us.  You can check out the results here.

[UPDATE: We added some more photos to the gallery]

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