The people of the wind

When we started to plant the first European championship with Seascape18s, we had our doubts of how will this go. We could only hope it would be something we had these last five days. The organisation worked like clockwork due to all the energy and thought Katarina, Mitja and everyone else put in, and the weather held up nicely too, thanks to Jure. Without all of you, sailors that came to sail with us from all over  Europe, from Greece to United Kingdom to Ukraine and all in between, the whole regatta would be a dull affair. Thanks to you it was colourfull and joyful. Your sailing skills made the competition so exciting since it was never clear who is going to be in front of who. All the time the places changed, battles were won and lost. The whole fleet finished tightly packed and under 5-10 minutes after the first boat. That tells you a lot. The skill level of the fleet is high as ever, even though the teams could hardly be any different. Besides active and former Olympic sailors, experienced Seascapers, some new and some long unseen faces. It is so delightful to see people from all kinds of backgrounds joined by the same love for the sea and the wind.

We had two all women’s teams: Hydradinamit and Ultra mala ribica (Ultra small fish). The first team Doris Guttmann, Urška Košir and  Saša Javorič have been sailing in the class for some time now but never on the same boat. They joined forces for this event, and probably not for the last time.  The second female team Enia Ninčević, Nađa Tomašević and Mihaela Demicheli – Vitturi has just joined the Seascape community and shot themselves right to the top of the rankings and surprised us all. They were sailing more like ultra fast swordfishes. Young guns Matija Kiker, Bisaki Maj and Scheidl Leon onboard Zomaja who don’t have more than 50 years altogether have a bright future in the class. On the other side, we had our dear two Brits who on land look like an old bickering couple, but on the water, they transform into a well-oiled sailing machine.

We always had family teams, we believe that how sailing should be done, but on this occasion, they came in numbers. Like Jan Kobler with his daughter, Zala Julija and son Aleksander Jan, Jure Jerman and his son Urban, brother and sister Kraševac Maruša and Uroš and so on. Some already Seascape veterans and some newcomers, however the most impressive family team skippered by Mitja Margon and crewed by his two daughters Urška and Sara. They were one of the rare teams that could sail at the top consistently and that brought them the first European Champions title. Congrats to all! See you at Seascape Cup in Torbole, lake Garda?



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